15 Minute Meals


Fast food can be healthy. With MH ’s 15 minute meals you can make flavoursome food from scratch that supports your body both inside and out. From energy-boosting breakfasts to protein-packed lunches and low-calorie dinners – you now have the time to eat right all day



With the best intentions in the world, eating a healthsome and varied diet can often feel like biting off more than you can chew. So, daunted by costly ingredients lists and lengthy prep, you crumble and pop an easy ready meal in the microwave. We know, because we do it, too. We know it’s not good for us; that it won’t support our training, mental focus or physical virility. But we’re hungry and have no time…

This book offers salvation from the nutritional wasteland of convenience food. Every meal here will be ready for you to eat in 15 minutes or fewer, and are all expertly calibrated to assist your body’s ability to build muscle, burn fat, produce energy and fight off illnesses. Fresh food, full of flavour and replete with platefuls of benefits – that’s something we’ve all got time for.